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Makarska-Apartments.co.uk has a large selection of Makarska accommodation at great rates to enable you to enjoy all the amazing and sunny city has to offer. The town of Makarska is situated close to many national parks and attractive tourist resorts. Makarska-Apartments.co.uk - the definitive guide to Makarska apartments.

Makarska, Croatia is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Adriatic. It is located in the foothills of Biokovo Mountain (1762 m), which protects it from the harsh continental climate. It is known for its rich Mediterranean vegetation, mild winter and long, warm summers, cooled by a refreshing breeze called "Maestral". Accommodation in Makarska spans everything from rooms, cheap apartments, beachfront villas to boutique and luxury Makarska hotels. Locally run private accommodation in Makarska can provide excellent value for money.

Makarska has more than 2750 hours of the sun per year, and during the months of July to September, the air temperature is above 20C, while the sea averages a temperature of above 20C. To the northwest of Makarska, there is a park and a pine forest, which encloses a 1500-m long beach in Donja Luka. Farther along Donja Luka there are numerous sand coves. A special attraction is the Malacological Museum (in the Franciscan monastery) with an interesting and a unique collection from the Adriatic sea and other seas around the world. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful and richest malacological museums in the world. The traditional 'Makarska Cultural Summer' is held throughout July and August, offering diverse drama and concert programs, performances of Dalmatian "klapa" singing groups, art exhibitions, poetry nights and folk dance performances. The most popular events are the Fishermen's Night and the Night of Kalelarga (night of the town). Makarska is also a health resort, with the recreational and health center Biokovka, which offers various therapeutic services. Private accommodation can be found when you arrive in Makarska but it's better to reserve in advance, especially if you come in the summer. A walk along the port and public beaches is a very pleasant one, and mountain lovers may take one of the mountain trails to the peaks of Biokovo mountain, which offers tranquility and magnificent views.

Sightseeing in Makarska

  • The Franciscans came to Makarska from Bosnia establishing their abbey in the 16th century. Even though their attempts were discouraged by common intrusions, a major quake, and bureaucratic opposition, via the centuries the quite charming abbey you see nowadays came into being. Its Malacological Museum, among Makarska's leading tourist attractions, is a reputable institution with excellent connections with comparable museums around the globe.
  • Church of St. Mark, which was built in 1776.
  • Archeological zone on the Sv. Petar peninsula.
  • Napoleon's monument.
  • Osejava peninsula - cultural landscape.
  • Building of the Town Museum.
  • Antun Gojak Town Gallery.

Beaches in Makarska Riviera

Museums in Makarska

  • Museum of fish, crustaceans and molluscs.
  • Museum of shells.
  • City museum.

Accommodation options in Makarska

The selection of holiday houses, villas and apartments is huge. With so many homes to rent, my recommendation is to check out as many testimonials as possible prior to making a decision to book one. If you spot that in some residences air conditioner is frequently reported faulty, the chance it is damaged intentionally is big. One word: steer clear of. Go slowly and select carefully. You have the chance to find a good holiday house or apartment with the great setting and a pleasant host. You just have to analyze the market properly. In addition to villas, houses and apartments for rent, there are huge hotels and resorts and smaller sized family-run hotels. Big hotel company in the town is still state owned. You'll most likely be better off at the little family-run hotel.

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Best time to visit Makarska, Croatia

Top season in Makarska is in the course of the summer months, running from early June until late September annually. This beachfront town and the bordering region is a quite prominent summer travel spot. If you are heading to Makarska during these calendar months, expect big groups and much higher prices on holiday accommodations in addition to some tourist attractions. It is basically a great plan to book your holiday deal in advance, at minimum a couple of months ahead of time. This can help to guarantee that you get the best prices available for your vacation. Winter months are chilly, with the average low temperatures in January, Makarska's coldest time of year at 5 °C. Spring season and fall can be unforeseeable, varying from cold to warm and comfortable, even though they are typically moderate with low moisture, and summer months are generally very hot and humid with a July average high of 33 °C. Precipitation is low all over the year in Makarska, with 13 centimeters at most in any time of year.

As elsewhere in Croatia, many apartment owners in Makarska expect you to stay for at least two or three nights and impose a reservation charge of at least 30%. On-season you may be expected to stay for seven nights, especially in apartments. Due to high demand for accommodation during the summer months, it is important to book early.

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